The Complete Story of Destiny! From origins to Shadowkeep [Timeline and Lore explained]

The Complete Story of Destiny from the origins of Hive in the Books of Sorrow to Destiny 2 Shadowkeep. This video goes over the full timeline of Destiny including major events, lore and the backstories of the universe. All you need to be up to date for Destiny 2: Shadowkeep.
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Books of Sorrow: 3:30
The Golden Age: 33:52
The Collapse: 43:35
The Birth of the Awoken: 51:15
The Dark Age: 1:19:02
The City Age: 1:32:55
Destiny 1: 2:09:19
The Dark Below: 2:21:26
House of Wolves: 2:29:44
The Taken King: 2:36:07
Rise of Iron: 2:46:49
Destiny 2: 2:56:58
Curse of Osiris: 3:13:30
Warmind: 3:19:49
Forsaken & Yr 5 Annual Pass: 3:26:15
Additional video footage from DUBAplays find their channel here: irmys.info/more/bnV8bKWOqbWfe34/fy-lm-h-y.html
Additional art commissioned over the years by various artists:
Jadeitor (The Books of Sorrow): www.deviantart.com/jadeitor
Mekki (The Great Hunt/The Faction Wars): f_mekki?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor
MoonMaws (The death of Solkis): MoonMaws
Chris Tulloch McCabe (Iron Lords): www.artstation.com/mccabe
Comics, music & cutscenes by Bungie.
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    for mobile users bc timestamps only seem to work in comments.. :) Books of Sorrow: 3:30 The Golden Age: 33:52 The Collapse: 43:35 The Birth of the Awoken: 51:15 The Dark Age: 1:19:02 The City Age: 1:32:55 Destiny 1: 2:09:19 The Dark Below: 2:21:26 House of Wolves: 2:29:44 The Taken King: 2:36:07 Rise of Iron: 2:46:49 Destiny 2: 2:56:58 Curse of Osiris: 3:13:30 Warmind: 3:19:49 Forsaken & Yr 5 Annual Pass: 3:26:15

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    • Matty Lisa

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      Tit hfigsugdiyc

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    A PANDEMIC, you say?

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    Sweet art boys

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    Great video, but man at around 54mins you are using the phrase „at this moment“ and „it was at this moment“, way too frequently.

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      And you are using "utterly" way too frequently...tone it down a but. You tell the story like everything is overkilled a thousand times.

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    Thank you! I only watch last hour, because I don't play Destiny so much. That realy help me

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    This was so good and helped me out a bunch! I like to mess around in destiny, doing things at my own pace; this video helped me keep up with the storyline as I'm also a fairly new player and have no idea what's happened so far. Great artwork and very interesting! P.S. I watched this in full while I played D2 today :)

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    Why isn't this the game we played? Instead we mop up remnants of this epic story and do little to change its world.

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    Queria muito um vídeo dublado ou legendado sobre isso

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    Bungie and Activision ruined this game.

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    Byf studies 5 years of destiny lore and daily content post = >800k subscribers Me studies for 4 years at university and completes daily homework = 500k in debt :/

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    When uldren became 'the crow' it took me a while to get over it. I still hate him but hes technically not the same person. Now i kill riven

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    Wait..I used the touch of malice in kings fall raid! Talk about coming full circle, I didnt know...

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    So grateful to you and everyone involved in these videos.🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 I sent this to my cousin, who just started playing destiny 2. I decided to watch it as well. I could watch these videos all day!

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    We need a updated version, since beyond light came out.

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    So after this what order do I watch you other lore videos????

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    destiny lore sounds fucking stupid....especially the first 20min

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    Wow, I've been on Destiny since day 1 and I'm just now learning about this channel. Good job IRmys. Better late than never . Great job Byf. New sub here

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    love it man

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    Is this based on scientology? I had to stop at 8 mins

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      What? It's a sci fi fantasy like Star Wars...

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    Niggas cant even make a coherent ingame story and have to explain it on google docs this video is great but you basically did something the game should have. this level of laziness on part of game devs shouldn't be encouraged

    • Warden Stone

      Warden Stone

      پیش 4 روز

      Laziness? Are you serious? They made all of that lore. None of that is Byf’s. He is just reading the lore to us. It isn’t a story book, it’s a game with deep seeded lore. This is how most games are, and it does it better than any game I’ve ever seen. They have been building this lore for some 6 odd years.



    پیش 6 روز

    Just started playing D2 again... Byf, you’re a legend. Thank you for this.

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    You made me like this game again. Thanks Mynameisbyf

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    See Bungie, would it be so hard.... This video is Great! See I Just started the game and oh haha lol am I Soo Lost! Huge Props for the work TY!

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      @Warden Stone 100% TY

    • Warden Stone

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      This season is by far the worst one to start in. They removed most of the free content. Including the “proper” beginning to the game, in which you fought in the red war. And watched the tower (the hub for Destiny 1) be destroyed. It’s a shame that they replaced it. But I hope you have fun

  30. Alithien Arrowwood

    Alithien Arrowwood

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    Bungie needs to add in the concept of Space Fleets. I sometimes forget this is Sci Fi. Does the Tower have an airforce? And if so what’s it’s name? If not could they not automate their ships and fleets? How is does agriculture look like within the tower? Who is Tower lead by? If so Zavala, are military positions and political ones merged together in this world? Have the Cabal ever thought of blockading Earth? You know their a powerful galactic empire What’s life like normally in the tower? How big is the Cabal empire? According to star systems Are there any other races out there, in space

    • Warden Stone

      Warden Stone

      پیش 4 روز

      @retronax it’s an amazing piece of lore they made. But it is so over shadowed by them sun setting almost all of the free things. There are no longer any free raids. The Menagerie is gone. The strikes on the planets that are gone are also gone. They got rid of the Red war campaign for fucks sake! The entire beginning thing for Destiny, this soul destroying moment if you played the first game as you watch the city and the tower be destroyed. And you lose your light. This season is such a shitty one to start playing in.

    • retronax


      پیش 4 روز

      Tower has no airforce. Agriculture probably exists in the city itself but unsure. Zavala is the commander of the guardians and a member of the political council that leads the city. He's not some kind of dictator or anything. The cabal have been massively weaken by the red legion's multiple failures, centuries of war with the hive and the schism of their society between caiatl and calus. They are in no way in power to siege earth. Tower has quarters where the guardians live, as well as a lot of utilitarians sections etc. There's not really "life" in the tower as it's more of a big police office, hunters spend most their time in the wild, titans patrol the city and warlocks spend a lot of time in the archives and libraries of the tower/city. Cabal empire is supposedly massive but currently a shell wof its former glory. It's impossible to know the number of systems they conquered. There are many other races out there. The arkborn, the clipse, the harmony, etc. The lore clearly hints there are many, many races among the stars.

    • Alithien Arrowwood

      Alithien Arrowwood

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      But for you to answer all the questions explain the lore in detail , FairPlay and Well done! Keep it up!!!!

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    Byf the ultimate Guardian.loved this story watched it beginning to end.

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    Here’s the thing about Destiny’s lore that I appreciate and that I don’t enjoy. What I’ve always appreciate about Destiny was that it provided a sense of imagery or imagination as the Guardian to represent yourself as the main character. I say this because I think the lore around Destiny is suppose to center around this self image of you as the character, even with how massive the lore is. Here’s my problem though with the lore. My problem admittedly lies in two aspects: Obtaining the lore and the lack of story building based around the lore. The lore itself is wonderful, and Byf narrating proves how in-depth it is. I know they touch on the lore through different expansion but I wish with the gameplay, they emphasize more of the lore in different and creative ways than what we are so use to when we go through the story mode. Byf’s video here just made me think of this opinion and I love the explanation here dude! 😄

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    You should really have a Spotify podcast

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    Came back to Destiny for Beyond light and I must say man. You are a freaking LEGEND. What an absolute beast of a video. I did not expect to have chills for 4 hours lmao

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    does anyone have a transcript? i want to make this into a Byf storybook'

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    Rewatching this entire video is just what i needed as the state of the game currently isnt great

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      You can say that again. If only Bungie took notice

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    Destiny's Vaatividia (dark souls great lore keeper)? Amazing

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    This was amazing!!! Excellent art work and awesome story telling I simply could not put this video down so I watched it all the way through. I might even check out the artist behind the work his work was masterful. Thank you so much for this video I've been playing destiny since day 1 year 1 and I'm so glad to reach this new level of understanding the lore. Great job dude!

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    So I’ve watched this video numerous times and one question I have is - if according to the sword logic resurrecting a hive champion/god is a form of heresy then wouldn’t Oryx bringing back Savathun and Xivu-Arath after their true deaths through a hive resurrection ritual be considered heresy?

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    @ My name is Byf Where did all this lore come from?? Is there any paperback novels?

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      In game lore books, text from gear, collector edition, and lore stories from the Bungie site

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    I thank every and anyone that took part in creating this project with you. I LOVE destiny lore above all else seeing as Bungie created Halo and I loved Halo so much and when destiny came into my life I made so many unforgettable friendships. I can't believe how far the story has come, hell I even had to quit playing the game at forsaken but someday.. someday I'll have it all at my disposal and these videos just make the suspenseful waiting so much more worth it! keep up the good work, love the content, and have a beautiful new years my man

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    Thanks a lot dude, Bungie should really give you something. You helped me a lot, i have started playing Destiny 2 and couldn't understand the lore.

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    do you plan to do deep dives into major NPCs? I'd love to hear you delve into the stories of people like Shaxx and Ikora

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    hey there, I've never played the games, I just like a good story so I have a question that might be a bit stupid. When 1 of the three sisters kills the other 2 she becomes oryx, a king, and you start referring to her as "he". Is Oryx not one of the three sisters with a new name and new-found powers (and therefore a "she")? Or is he a completely different dude whose introduction I missed (and therefore a "he")? Aaaaand, finished it. Great story and an amazing storyteller.

    • retronax


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      Aurash changes gender at some point and becomes Oryx, a male. I don't recall why though.

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      That's a mystery at the moment.

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